Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Weasel Boy Takes a Page outta Robo-Stu's Book...


80s movies fans the world over will recognize the frightening face of Sergeant Hulka and will recall (with fits of giggles) Bill Murray's line when the Sergeant, previously thought to have been "blown up, Sir!" emerges, ALIVE, into the room after the platoon arrives in Germany.

Well, Weasel Boy has arrived and clearly has taken a page or two out of Robo-Stu's book. I tortured him for two days to sign up and get excited about this swim meet at the beginning of December..."It'll be great fun!!" I said, with true conviction. "Who cares about our times, let's just go see how we measure up..."

So he finally agreed it would be fun and sent in his $20 to join USMS and we've been perusing the events wondering what we should swim. Then last week rolled on by and there was the mushroom post and then I found out that my Honey's nephew is going to be the lion in the Wizard of Oz and we want to go see the play on the weekend of the meet...and the excuses came rolling in and when WB gave me the option to discuss bailing, I took it and admitted I was considering it.

Well, here's what I got for a reply and I must say, I'll never consider it again!! In order to best appreciate the tirade, you must know that Weasel Boy hails originally from Great Britain:

Consider this your exercise intervention for the end of the year.

WE ARE GOING TO THAT BLOODY SWIM MEET. You can go to the play on Friday, and either drive down afterwards (how long is it anyway?) or come early on saturday. Either way, you're not interested in the first few events, so you can get there on Saturday in good time. It will be fun to hang out and take it all in, and we won't sweat too much about our times. It's a benchmark for the future.

IN THE MEAN TIME, we are swimming four (yes four) days a week. Two with Masters...and two on our own. On Saturday we will meet and do another practice, and on Sunday you are hereby committed to going on your own and doing some drills. No more self pity when it comes to swimming - we are taking no prisoners. The rest of the week you are committed to streching/yoga and doing whatever the hell you like.


I'll call you tonight

Well he did call me and we discussed and agreed to the plan. There will be much swimming in the next few weeks!!


Blogger Goobie said...


We are going to rock the next month.
I'm very excited - I can' wait to start growing gills

1:22 PM GMT-5

Blogger Nick said...

Ooops - turns out that wasn't my blogger name at all. Oh well. Message stays the same - brace yourself

1:26 PM GMT-5

Blogger nancytoby said...

Remind me to buy Weasel Boy a drink. AFTER the meet. :-)

5:44 PM GMT-5

Blogger Bolder said...

Spence, thanks for stopping by. I am very sorry to hear about your father. Hopefully, you have the support you need with family and friends around you. But, if you ever need to write, or talk, with someone who was in your shoes -- just let me know -- there is an ocean of support available to you.

We each have to face our own personal battles -- but we do not have to face them alone.

Take care, Bold.

11:38 AM GMT-5


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