Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday is My Friday!

OK, I'm pretty much over yesterday's meltdown and I feel much better today. Here's why:

1.) I love the tri-blog alliance. Every comment I got yesterday and today was sincere and helpful and gave me so much hope that I'll get where I want to go. Today started with a great swim and my food intake has been perfect so far. Going to take it a day (or an hour) and a pound at a time and there WILL be progress. I wasn't at all surprised to get such positive encouragement...I just think it's the most amazing thing that there are so many of us out there working toward the same goals and that we can relate to and support eachother in so many ways even though we are separated by geography...and age, and race, and body type, and experience, and on and on... The internet is a powerful entity... Thanks, Kahuna, for bonding us into one... check out his post today and you'll get all warm and fuzzy too...

2.) For some odd reason, my company is closed tomorrow so today, Thursday, is my Friday! I think the previous owner liked to take Good Friday off and even though he retired two years ago, the tradition appears to have endured. Hallelujah!! I think the Easter Bunny is going to come but he's only bringing treats for the non-triathletes. He's a chubby bunny, you see...

3.) It's warm and sunny and the leaves are starting to bud out...this is the earliest spring I've witnessed in my almost 12 years up here in VT. The ice on the lake is gone, my daffodils are about to bloom (crazy, I know - I made such a big deal about showing you their progress and having them bloom in JUNE...which is when they bloomed last year... alas, I love global warming...) and I plan to either play 9 holes of golf or go to the driving range this evening with my I can practice my ridiculously horrible golf swing. Just can't get the field hockey swing to go away and let me tell you, it doesn't work with a golf club... It'll be great fun, but very ugly... Then I think we're going out to dinner... date night is a good night...

4.) I had a fantastic run yesterday, again around the lake. When I ran on Sunday after biking, I had to walk until I was able to "borrow" a banana so my time was closer to 1:30 for that run...but the most recent run I did all the way around ended up taking about 1:18. So ask me how fast I was yesterday?? 1:14! Pretty cool, eh? Kept the HR at 75% and pushed a little harder and things felt really good. I was a little stiff and sore this morning but swimming seemed to work the kinks out... I got my splits for most of the way and was going to post them last night but my HR monitor shut itself off... If memory serves me, and it rarely does, they went something like this:

~0.5 mi. warmup: 8:20
Mile 1 - 11:21
Mile 2 - 11:35
Mile 3 - 12:30
Mile 4 - 12:20
Mile 5 - 10:45
~0.5 mi. home... the balance to 1:14...

Mile 3 is always my challenge...there's nothing in particular about the terrain that makes it hard, it just seems to be the point at which my body decides it wants to be done running and I just have to push thru it. Then mile 4 starts with a nice hill and mile 5 is flat and gradual down...I think mile 5 is a little short but I was also in a great groove so I know it was definitely faster. I know these aren't really times to write home about but soon I will look back and be able to see my progress and that's the whole point really. You gotta start somewhere. Funny how I can totally accept that in my training but not in my eating. I'll get there eventually. Slow and steady...

Going for a ride tomorrow instead of spin class and then Saturday is supposed to be rainy so I'm considering an early trip to the pool and then I bet we have wallpaper scraping and painting on the list to do. We finally have patched wood floors and new lighting in the kitchen...I'll post some photos this weekend.

So thanks again for all the support... I'm going to take some time this weekend getting rid of the bad food in the house and making a menu to shop to so we don't run into dangerous territory next week. I think a little planning will go a long way...I can do this...I's simple math, not rocket science. Less in equals less of the total... I can do this... really... I can.

I'll report back on how it's going soon so don't let me forget!!

And train hard...


Blogger Steven said...

You are 100% correct - You CAN do this. And anything else you set your mind to.

It's a fact that 99% of the American public CANNOT run 1 mile non-stop. And you? You are running many more, together, non-stop...and liking it.

You are doing well.

4:35 PM GMT-5

Blogger Joe said...

I'm just curious, what brand and model is your HR monitor? Does it have GPS?

Did you remember to bring a banana on your run this time?

12:30 PM GMT-5

Blogger Chris said...

Sounds like you're in better spirits! We're all in this thing together! :)

6:04 PM GMT-5


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