Thursday, May 03, 2007

26th Annual Prouty Century Bike Ride

In 1982, four nurses rode 100 miles through the White Mountains of New Hampshire to honor the courage and strength of their patient, Audrey Prouty, in her fight against cancer. This year, more than 3,000 people are expected to take part in the 26th Annual Prouty Century Bike Ride & Challenge Walk to celebrate and support the courage of cancer patients and survivors everywhere and to raise money for crucial cancer research at Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

Over the 25 years of this event, more than $4.5 million dollars has been raised. This money funds world-class research, state-of-the-art equipment, critical education programs and innovative clinical trials that help save lives of cancer patients all over the world.

Last year, The Prouty raised a record-breaking $1,250,000. This year our goal is $1,500,000. Please join us in raising money to help find a cure for cancer.

The Prouty is the signature event of the Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center, a group of people dedicated to supporting cancer research, patient services and community outreach at Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth.

This ride usually takes place on the same weekend as the Annual Fairlee Great Triathlon and I'm not quite up to riding 100 miles Saturday and then finishing an olympic distance race on Sunday (one with pretty respectable hills). Not YET anyway. Well, Fairlee isn't happening this year - the race director is doing some other event - and actually the Prouty is happening a weekend later than usual, so THIS is my year to ride. I've always wanted to do this event - it's THE event in the Upper Valley - people simply refer to it as "The Prouty." As in, "Hey are you doing the Prouty?" Or, "Yo, what team are you riding with for the Prouty?" And, "Are you doing the 50 or the 100 in the Prouty this year?" Everyone does it. I've always felt studly saying, "No, I'm racing the Fairlee Triathlon the same weekend," but to be honest, I've always kinda wished I was riding too...

And I have good cause to want to help raise money for cancer research. My mom, dad and brother have each waged their own battles against this insidious disease. And here I am, the lucky one of four in my family who has yet to face cancer. Will I remain lucky? No one knows. I hope so. But for now, while I can, I'm going to do my part to contribute to cutting edge research that will hopefully someday lead to a cure. If not for all the research that's happened already, I might be the only one of my family left right now. It's important.

I know lots of us have taken up causes like this and there are so many worthy ones to contribute to. If you can add some to the pot, great. If not, I'm sure you'll be contributing in other ways. Thanks to everyone who is out there making a difference.


Train hard!!! Because you can...


Blogger MartyTheFool said...

GO Spence! A Century ride COOL! And a very cool story too.

I'll be sure to get over yonder and donate........

Thanks for the encouragement on Swimmin' too! You have been an inspiration in that area.

the fool

(BTW: My issue with my tri is a conflict, not that I don't want to do it...gotta find another one)

5:32 PM GMT-5

Blogger Bolder said...

i was just thinking of you today.

i'm getting my post ready for the second annual Bolder Boulder Contest!

still think it is amazing you guessed my actual time!

11:37 PM GMT-5


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